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14 yrs

In Business
University Of Ottawa Law Bundle 2014 Notes
196 total pages
1 purchased

Contracts Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, and Public Law...

Aboriginal Law Notes
71 total pages

Outline of aboriginal lands, right and title....

Administrative Law Notes
52 total pages
7 purchased

Excellent administrative law notes....

Administrative Law Notes
129 total pages
8 purchased

This is a booklet detailing administrative law in Canada. It was taught...

Business Law Notes
74 total pages
7 purchased

This course was instructed by Ian McGregor at the University of Ottawa ...

Constitutional Law Notes
23 total pages
4 purchased

Covering Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Federalism. An outline of e...

Constitutional Law I Notes
87 total pages
1 purchased

This is a compilation of lecture notes and reading notes compiled by th...

Contracts Notes
33 total pages
3 purchased

Concise outline of contract law, including charts....

Contracts Law Notes
65 total pages
8 purchased

This class was co-taught by Dr. Ian Kerr, Canada Research Chair in Ethi...

Corporate Immigration Law Notes
72 total pages

This course was instructed by Howard Greenberg from KPMG in Toronto at ...

Criminal Law Notes
33 total pages
2 purchased

Concise outline of criminal law principles: both procedural and substan...

Evidence Law Notes
18 total pages
3 purchased

Excellent evidence notes....

Family Law Notes
68 total pages
3 purchased

This course was instructed by Lynne Rockman at the University of Ottawa...

Immigration and Refugee Law Notes
76 total pages
5 purchased

This course was taken with Professors Lorne Waldman and Jacqueline Swai...

Introduction to Criminal Law and Procedure Notes
105 total pages
3 purchased

This booklet includes all of the major criminal law principles relevant...

Property Law Notes
24 total pages
9 purchased

Concise outline of property law....

Public International Law Notes
108 total pages
9 purchased

This is a compilation of first year public international law essentials...

Public Law Notes
55 total pages
5 purchased

This course was taken with Professor Michelle Flaherty at the Universit...

Refugee Law Notes
25 total pages
3 purchased

Chart of refugee law principles....

Sentencing Notes
79 total pages

This is a summary of the law of sentencing in Canada. It includes detai...

Torts Notes
27 total pages
5 purchased

Concise outline of torts....

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