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CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - FINAL EXAM 2013 PART 1: FRAMING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 1 Sources 1 PART 2: INTERPRETING RIGHTS 1 Charter litigation 2 step process 1 R v Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical Society 1992 SCC (vagueness) 2 R v Oakes 1986 SCC 3 Edmonton Journal v AB (AG) 1989 SCC 3 Hunter v Southam (Reasonableness of Breach) 4 Irwin Toy Ltd v Quebec (deference to legislatures) 4 Sujit Choudhry "So What is the Real Legacy of Oakes?" 5 PART 3: LANGUAGE RIGHTS 5 Various Sections (CA, 1867) 5 Historical Blurb 6 AG Quebec v Blaikie 1979 SCC (s. 133 language rights w admin tribunals) 7 Societe des Canadiens de NB v Assn of Parents for Fairness in Education 1986 SCC 7 Quebec Association of Protestant School Boards v CV 1984 SCC 8 R v Beaulac 1999 SCC (overturns Societe on language rights during trial) 8 Desrochers v Canada 2009 SCC 8 Mahe v AB 1990 SCC 9 Reaume & Green "Education and Linguistic Security in the Charter" 9 Ford v Quebec 1988 SCC 9 PART 4: INTERVENERS 10 Doctrinal Requirements 10 Barriers 11 PART 5: ENFORCEMENT OF RIGHTS 11 Charter Remedies 11 Techniques for Remedies 11 Roach "Constitutional Remedies in Canada" 11 Section 52 Remedy 12 Schachter v Canada 1992 SCC (Steps for choosing type of remedy) 12 Vriend v AB 1988 SCC (reading in) 12 M v H 1999 SCC 13 (temporary suspension) 13 Canada v Hislop 2007 SCC (retroactive remedies) 13 Section 24 Remedy (structural remedy, declaration, exclusion of evidence, damages) Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium v Canada 2000 SCC 13 DoucetBoudreau v Nova Scotia (Minister of Education) 2003 SCC 14 City (Vancouver) v Ward 2010 SCC (test for s. 24 damages) 14 AG v Downtown Eastside Sex Workers Case 2012 SCC 15 PART 6: FREEDOM OF RELIGION 16 R v Big M Drug Mart Ltd 1985 SCC 16 Syndicat Northcrest v Amselem 2004 SCC (test for freedom of religion) 16 Multani v Commission Scolaire MargueriteBourgeois 2006 SCC 17

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